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 Hell Girl[Dubbed English]

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PostSubject: Hell Girl[Dubbed English]   Sat Aug 09, 2008 7:58 pm

Plot Summary:
Somewhere in the vast sea of the Internet, there's a website that can only be accessed at the stroke of midnight. Known as the Hotline to Hell or Jigoku Tsushin, rumor has it that if you post a grudge there, the Jigoku Shoujo will appear and drag whoever torments you into the inferno. Very little is known about the girl - all we know for sure is that she lives with her equally enigmatic grandmother, that three magical straw dolls accompany and serve her, and that whenever a posting on the Jigoku Tsushin moves her, she becomes the Hell Girl or Jigoku Shoujo. She can obtain the revenge for you now you cannot by yourself..... at a price.....

Total # of Episodes: 26
Dubbed English (Xvid)
Format avi

Episode 1
megaupload.com 6QYIEGHM

Episode 2
megaupload.com CKXVO2WK

Episode 3
megaupload.com 6D5TVU6W

Episode 4
megaupload.com AKSA387Q

Episode 5
megaupload.com 0V70G695

Episode 6
megaupload.com 34M8MH12

Episode 7
megaupload.com 6U5SD2F0

Episode 8
megaupload.com P72TL528

Episode 9
megaupload.com XRXFL1VG

Episode 10
megaupload.com AADIBQTZ

Episode 11
megaupload.com P38FPZ4T

Episode 12
megaupload.com G0NSGOPZ

Episode 13
megaupload.com MYOGKIJ2

Episode 14
megaupload.com RNI0B412

Episode 15
megaupload.com EOO6XX9E

Episode 16
megaupload.com 5BZUGJYZ

Episode 17
megaupload.com NU9W7GUO

Episode 18
megaupload.com 8OQEDA3Y

Episode 19
megaupload.com C6SJVFI9

Episode 20
megaupload.com 93RGHWK9

Episode 21
megaupload.com O9FA0QS1

Episode 22
megaupload.com 3ZAOHYJ6

Episode 23
megaupload.com OCN6IFGB

Episode 24
megaupload.com 93RGHWK9

Episode 25
megaupload.com L5ZAQ8VW

Episode 26
megaupload.com 6TKYZL2V
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PostSubject: Re: Hell Girl[Dubbed English]   Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:14 pm

have my babies

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Hell Girl[Dubbed English]
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