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 Kiba (Subbed)(AVI)

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PostSubject: Kiba (Subbed)(AVI)   Sat Aug 09, 2008 10:09 pm

In an overbuilt world, young Zed dreams of freedom and of a door. While fleeing the authority of his world, he is transported to a completely different place, a world of nature instead of machines. There he meets the young girl Roia and learns that he is a Shard Caster. He can cast Shards and control Spirits. Unbeknowst to Zed, his best friend Noah has also travelled to the new world. Noah and Zed become enmeshed in the ways of their new world, while growing into their new abilities.

Type: TV
Episodes: 51
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 2, 2006 to Mar 25, 2007
Producers: Madhouse Studios (modify)
Genres: Shounen, Fantasy, Adventure
Duration: 20 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Format: AVI
Size: 170 MB +/-
Status: 51/ Complete

Episode 1 megaupload.com GRL7OPWA
Episode 2 megaupload.com PG1PFIVD
Episode 3 megaupload.com XZGH2F4P
Episode 4 megaupload.com XKVVEIWF
Episode 5 megaupload.com 5CWDEVW0
Episode 6 megaupload.com LEC5SPNA
Episode 7 megaupload.com F8E6MJ6Z
Episode 8 megaupload.com OFCIBR8B
Episode 9 megaupload.com YPHK4MZ2
Episode 10 megaupload.com 4U5RZRGE
Episode 11 megaupload.com KII1HVLA
Episode 12 megaupload.com 0OF4E3LQ
Episode 13 megaupload.com 7UH7IDA1
Episode 14 megaupload.com 0UF7087O
Episode 15 megaupload.com LADQ961I
Episode 16 megaupload.com JTAHMWM0
Episode 17 megaupload.com 5JSME8T7
Episode 18 megaupload.com WY51IDXR
Episode 19 megaupload.com TEVTBH2K
Episode 20 megaupload.com 6BP9JOYD
Episode 21 megaupload.com NSOJKMJF
Episode 22 megaupload.com NSC3P8BR
Episode 23 megaupload.com 6UYLB0TE
Episode 24 megaupload.com 1BBWPGBF
Episode 25 megaupload.com ZZYDUH95
Episode 26 megaupload.com 8J5E6G9D
Episode 27 megaupload.com NOCW5L90
Episode 28 megaupload.com HKM3TPJ9
Episode 29 megaupload.com TVCNTLM3
Episode 30 megaupload.com RE30MDAT
Episode 31 megaupload.com AZ1MF811
Episode 32 megaupload.com LSHT0PTX
Episode 33 megaupload.com ZQ1C1YI2
Episode 34 megaupload.com UH3Y8UZX
Episode 35 megaupload.com V5R6D3G2
Episode 36 megaupload.com YCTLQA77
Episode 37 megaupload.com K4K6EKJN
Episode 38 megaupload.com F8872H9I
Episode 39 megaupload.com QME4KZYM
Episode 40 megaupload.com C2WN7OUJ
Episode 41 megaupload.com FJIX42IX
Episode 42 megaupload.com BMZSWHZ3
Episode 43 megaupload.com HWVF3232
Episode 44 megaupload.com 5CFU7J7N
Episode 45 megaupload.com V4WONSEQ
Episode 46 megaupload.com UWR363BX
Episode 47 megaupload.com 9B8SE8ZU
Episode 48 megaupload.com 8GNJ2FL3
Episode 49 megaupload.com 9ET8VK1M
Episode 50 megaupload.com HX15VE4N
Episode 51 (Final) megaupload.com C651WYBV
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Kiba (Subbed)(AVI)
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